Tuesday, 29 May 2018

vacation and work

Doing two books at a time is a new experience. I am hoping that the books will be always in different stages to each other (stages are: story board, rough drawings, clean drawings, paintings) to keep them apart in my head and not to get fed up. So far it looks promising. One book is ready to be painted (all drawings done), the other is just about in the story board process. I better find keywords to refer to the books. book one: JO, book two: MO

It was alright to work on the storyboard for MO during the vacation. I had a half a day for myself and that was enough to get some rough ideas down. I usually draw up 3-4 possible scenes per double page.

no sample work at the moment... But it is time to update my portfolio.

I mentioned I am bringing along my small water color kit. I did a couple plants sitting in the garden. Painting outside is a bit difficult, but very meditative, I found.

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