Tuesday, 1 May 2018

working on bigger paper

I decided to make the sketches bigger this time and then shrink them on the computer to the actual book size. I have had lots troubles in the past with characters becoming too small for watercolor. In pencil it is easy for me to draw the details, but painting it even with the smallest brush removes the details. The water drops are to big and I can't do the gradients on so short surfaces. I ordered A3 printer paper and was very excited to start. I have to get used to the new dimensions though, and have to be careful about the proportions of the people. Big heads and small bodies is a typical mistake.
new applications
I am preparing a sample about animals for the agent in London. The painting is done on cardboard paper. It's something I learned from an illustrator on YouTube. It works with watercolor as long as you keep the brush dry enough. I love the clarity of the finished picture and it is much easier to draw lines in pencil and ink.
private project
The cute robots are on hold atm. So I try to paint an easy random picture a week and post on Instagram.
I made a new toy for my toddler (16month). Porridge flakes in a transparent box... She loves to dig through and pour the flakes through her hands. I believe it's called sensory play. Very modern :P

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