Tuesday, 5 June 2018

sleep deprived, but 10 mini paintings richer

Painting painting painting... I have set myself a quota for book JO and came up with 10 paintings per week. This could be characters, object, plants, backgrounds. That really helps me to know where I am and to reach the deadline comfortably. It has to been done, as I planed my vacation two weeks after the deadline. So, there is a bit of a breathing room, but only a bit.

It was really difficult to reach the aim and I had to work every night til midnight, so I feel slightly sleep deprived. The trick was to have several paintings at the same time, so while one dries I could work on another. Also, I mixed up the stages of layering. For example, I finished the faces completely (shades and pencil), then I did clothes, and different parts of the clothes. To be honest, for me the finishing part with pencil is the most exciting one.

I didn't get fed up of painting and I made it! I could send in my first preview in on time. The editor and author are happy, so I am happy. I wish I could show you something, but it is an absolute no no for ongoing projects and you have to wait until the book is printed.

Book MO has not started yet. I am waiting for the approval of the new contract and it looks like I have to study a bit "lawyer"-english. While I am waiting, I will be collecting some notes for the story board, as there has been some additional comments on what should be in the illustration.

I found new videos to watch. This time it is all about good water color work. Check out Liron Yanconsky and The Mind of Watercolor on youtube.

I have to share with you the lovely painting my baby daughter made. I let her play with my little travel kit (under supervision of course) and the brush pen. She is only 1,5y but loves testing the colours. She went in all the color pots at once, so I had to guide her a little. She also tends to smash the brush on the paper... and to prevent that, I was just holding her little elbow up, so she would be able to have a relaxed wrist. That really helped her to use the brush properly. I am so proud of my little artist 

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