Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Time management

First of all, you have to understand: there is plenty of hours in a day for you to work. Even if you have parent duties or things to tidy, there is physically time for you to draw.

For me it is about the to-do list paired with time management, meaning how much time I want/need to spend on each task.

For example 80% of my time should go to the current main project (anything with deadline), 15% to making samples and finding new work, and 5% extras like webpage or drawing exercise. I count up the minimum weekly available hours. In my case, I have time available while my daughter has her daily nap (which can be short), when she goes to bed (if late I have to go to bed shortly after), and the two half days when she is at the nursery (constant).

In my case this comes to min. 20h available during the week. Thereof I have to spend 16h on the project, 3h on making samples, and 1h can be spend on anything else. Seeing this numbers motivates me to not check emails or social media at all during my available, because simply, I cannot ever get the time back and catch up.

I started a time logbook which helps me see if I overspend time on something.

That can happen, for example if a potential new projects is very inspiring, I tend to put more energy into that rather than into finishing an old job. Let's be honest everything new is more exciting than something you have been working on for months :P at least for creatives.

I work a bit on the roughs for the book about family models, but spend most time on the samples.

I finished the samples for the book series and am very pleased with them. I hope I can convince the author of my skills and I get to illustrate them. It will be awesome!

My husband found a great game for the garden that involves painting. He grounded up some chalk and added a bit of water. Then my baby daughter got a sponge ball to dip in and paint on the house wall. She absolutely loved dabbing the wall in pink. It was great and with the warm weather at the moment the water dries really quickly and leaves very pretty patterns.

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