Tuesday, 8 May 2018

training perspective rotations and forshortening of figures

I needed to do some studies before I could continue... There is this moment, when I try to draw the picture I got in my head, but just can't get it right. One figure should be half crouching to be on eye sight of a kid, and it should be in a half perspective. Instead of struggling with that one pose, it is best to do some studies of a pose in different perspectives. I found out that I do know one pose, but often only in one perspective and have never tried to turn it around. This is probably because I have seen the pose somewhere, but haven't expanded my visual library, and just stayed with that one example.

There are some good tutorials on how to train different prespectives. If you are into books look for "Hogarth drawing", if you are looking only online, search for: foreshortening and projections into space. You could check out moderndayjames on youtube, for example: https://youtu.be/aS-5A3Veue4
for an introduction into perspective and rotations.

I was approached to do a sample for a series of book. I am so excited about it and want to do my best. Lucky for me, the agent discussed that I will be payed for producing the sample, a generous move. Thank you <3

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