Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Backgrounds get more attention now

Finished the roughs for my current book project and send them in. Yey!

I was working on this A3 paper, I mentioned a few weeks ago, and I just loved it! I was a bit skeptical to start with, yes, but I quickly learned to appreciate the space. It is much better to work on details on the characters and backgrounds. My aim was to put more attention to the backgrounds, so they support the scene and mood, and make it believable that the characters are existing there. I had a few garden scenes this time, and I really wanted to create the feeling of romantic, playful, and natural chaos. Just what a family garden is.

Now I will work on the colors. I usually go back to Photoshop, and start with giving each page a basic colour. For example, if the scene is in the outside, the block colour will be either blue or green, so either there is a lot of sky visible, or a lot of ground. I also consider the mood of the scene.

We will travel for a short vacation. I bought an A6 water colour pad which I will bring with me along with my small water colour kit together water brush. Now from working on A3 for weeks, it will be fun to shrink down even smaller than my typical papers. But I have a plan! I am hoping I can do some loose water color doodling of plants. I always need plants for the garden scenes, and want to expand my visual library on plants.

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