Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Inktober 2016 week 1

I am participating this year's Inktober challenge.

Last year was my first time and it was quite a struggle to come up with a new picture each day. I figured out it would be easier to have a prompt list this year and as I wanted to also use this time to grow my portfolio in a more serious fantasy direction, I decided to draw D&D classes.

The list for the first quarter is

  1. Barbarian human (m) 
  2. Bard halfling (f) 
  3. Cleric human (m) 
  4. Druid elf (f) 
  5. Fighter dwarf (m) 
  6. Monk human (f) 
  7. Paladin half-orc (m)
As I am starting just today, I am jumping straight to number 4 and will catch up 1-3 during this week. This way I won't feel I can't catch up the delay, and the list number will fit with the date number.

Druid elf (f)

I find deer horns and fur very fitting for a class that is connected to nature, although I have my doubts about how animal friendly this really is. I just suppose the druid got it as presents from nature through his offerings and services. The armor is minor or missing, her having only bracer made of leather. This way she is lighter, but still has some basic protections. The weapons she carries are a sickle, a typical druid tool, and a hidden scimitar on her right hip. With avoiding armor and weapons showing her bag where she just placing some herbs, I am focusing on the gentle and pacific elements of the druids, like the teaching in herbal and medicine, and talking to showing her bag where she just placing some herbs.

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