Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Fighter dwarf

Next on the list is a fighter dwarf and I started the work by researching for weapons and armor. The class is described to be able to handle all weapons, shields, and armors. On the one hand the full freedom to choose is nice, but because I am not very experienced with armor, I decided to do some simpler styles.

I prefer armor to look functional, and not only for show. This includes that the joints and binding has to make sense and that the shape is possible to be forged. Some research was quickly done and I decided for a scaled shoulder plate (gardbrace), a one piece chest piece (cuirass) with back piece, and pieces to protect the front waist and hips (faulds).

It should be an attack pose with an axe and I had to find out that there is not much reference on the internet. So, developing the right pose in the perspective I wanted took very long time. I found some  pictures and trained sketching them in order to understand the position of the arms and the view on the axe, and I have one of those wooden dolls with movable joints. However, bringing everything to dwarf size did not work out completely

Preparation for the inktober drawing. On the left hand side are some notes about the D&D class and a few scribbles of armor. On the right hand side is the study of the pose with the axe.

Altogether, it was pretty difficult to get the drawing correct and I will need more time to practice not only fighter poses, but especially different armor and weapons.

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