Tuesday, 12 June 2018

How I sharpen my pencils more economically


Second week of my paint-run and my lack of sleep blows a massive hit on me. I can't remember when I was last so tired. Nevertheless I keep going, but the quota starts stressing me out, and influences my work considerably. I know how this can evolve in a minor catastrophe if not taken care off. So, I take two evenings off and do the rest as best as I can, without thinking about the quota. This week I am back on track

Wanna see a master of water colour who also is an entertainer?  Check out Alvaro Castagnet presented by Graeme Stevenson (Colour in Your Life) on Youtube. Water water water and absolutely stunning colours.


I work a lot with colored pencils. They are used for my outlines and to enhance some shadows. I love to work precise so I sharpen them pretty often.
It always bothered me how much sharpening rubbish I created and I felt I go through a pencil to quickly. So I started sharpening the tip with a carpenter knife. Once the tip is short, I carve some of the wood away and start again. It saved me some time, and a lot of rubbish. 

Do I need to remind people that they can hurt themselves badly with this knife if not used with caution? I probably do. Please be careful and Kids, please avoid sharp tools until your hand-use-skills are developed completely, until then just use the save sharpener!

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