Tuesday, 24 July 2018

How to: Scatter brain but need to work, now

Need to finish this sketch and start painting - oh the bin is full, I will just empty it. Back to my sketch, it really needs finishing - ah, how about I try my new pen, where did I leave it, actually this office needs a tidy, ah look at this old folder with my old postcards, actually I should also hoover, ah why not just do it now... what was I working on again?

Familiar? Then you probably have the scatter brain phase like me. I am not a psychologist, but I am pretty sure it is a self-sabotage pattern. If I'd finish that sketch I would be, well... finished... but my brain is programmed in a way to convince me it is really hard work, I better do something else much easier.

Today, I have the scatter brain again and today I am doing it different. After each single disruption I go back to my work, and don't care that I disrupted the work flow, for even 5min. That is the deal, get interrupted, get to terms with it, go back to work, allow more interruptions, get to terms with it. The more I am at ease with it happening, the easier it is to get back to work and not feeling guilty. And that is the fix, because my brain (I am) trying to make me feel guilty. It doesn't make sense, but it is something familiar, and just know best how it is to feel guilty... however, it does not bring me closer to my goal of being a professional illustrator, so I consciously decided: It doesn't bother me,No brain! Thank you very much for trying to make me feel guilty again, but I actually don't feel guilty, because I am coming back to my work every single time, and I move on. My brain is a noisy monkey, I won't be able to shut it up, but I am able to not be bothered about it. IT will shut up, when it doesn't get the attention anymore :P

Ok, finished writing the blog, let's get back to the sketch :D haha!

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