Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Looking back on Inktober 2016

I was determined to complete at least half the list, but I delivered only one weeks worth of pictures over a period of two weeks. The problem was that I didn't work on them during the weekends, but I should have tried. Another problem was, that each character required at least a two hours session of research and designing, but not every day allowed me the same amount of time to invest into that. One could make a variable list of characters, so that I could choose an easy character on busier days, and the harder characters on free days.

Although it might seem like a fail for this challenge, I still learned a few things about my skills and about the fantasy genre.
  • I have a better idea of how heavy armor and leather equipment looks like. 
  • Playing around with clothes patterns showed me that I really need a back log, like a vocabulary of patterns, constantly growing in order to be able to pull off quickly new types of fantasy armor.
  • I need to absolutely train more drawing poses and bodies. This exercise typically gets least attention, but is the base element that decides whether you are master at your art or an amateur.
 Hope this little diary during inktober was interesting for you, and that you can pick out one or the the other tip for your next challenge.

Thanks for reading

Here is the overview of the pictures I managed for Inktober 2016.

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