Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hastags on Instagram - an exercise

I posted the advert image for the MAEZA magazine and prepared a lot of hashtags, and mentioned the artists from one of our articles. Hastaging and connecting to other people is one of the advices given by Sue Zimmerman, the instagram expert, and Ashely Aiko keeps telling me. I didn't really believe it, until I found that within half'n hour I had 15 likes, and growing, for this one advert image. It is not just the largest number so far, it is was incredibly fast! It is the hashtags! A fellow arist Johanna Fritz followed Sue's advise earlier when she started her new community and business Fritzi.Flock. She reach over 1k followers within one month. That sound brilliant!

About the hashtags - people with similar interest will more likely find your art when searching for new pictures and inspiration or people to follow. Instagram has a sort of newsfeed that is individualised to your interesstes. E.g. with #ink I got some tatooarts to see me, with #pencil I got people making portraits in pencil. With #illustration I got some companies, which is super important. And so on... it totally really depends on the community connected to a hashtag and I will research more on this to find the right # for the right audience.

About the linking artist via @ - With the magazine I feel more comfortable approach artists, because I have something to talk about. Linking the artist when writing an article about them makes totally sence for me and I want to keep doing this. I also like to link artist when they inspired me. This is a personal connection :-) and I will do a bit more of this. No more being shy! (Thank you Ashley for the advice <3 )

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