Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A conclusion on loosing likes on my FB and Instagram

I first build up a group of followers on facebook. I posted every two weeks and tried to show my best work. They liked it and were ready to klick on like for each one. 
Then i started Instagram, where i wanted to cultivate a constant output. But i was swept away by the amount of post from other people... So I posted anything, even unfinished sketches, just bcs all the other artist are posting sketches. But they had their propper art out there and people wanted to see the " before" art. 
It was pressure and feeling sorry for my facebook account, that i then started sending instagram updates to the facebook account. I thought, i should have consistent output on each platform, each platform should have the same pictures, so every follower is equal to each other. 
Well that backfired... These medias behave different which also depends on the type of followers you acquired in the first place. It depends on how YOU want to use the platforms. 
 I analyse
With my FB account, I started to show my friends what i do and wanted to get me used to interact with public. There were finished pictures and the people cared to read my little story around it. When the sketches started, they did not react. I can assume that either it is not wowing them, that it might be too often, or that they are simply waiting for the finished piece to come, but i did not do my job of delivering the finished picture.

 I wanted my instagrm account to be a stream of daily life as illustrator.  ideas. It should be a collection where i can look back each week and find out how much i did. This idea never got through... I never looked back, and was only counting the likes... I started sharing on facebook and thought the likes would fly to me. 

Facit: define how you want to use your account and stick to it. Make changes, if required and communicate it to your crowd. Very important: they don't have to like your stuff and it is courtesy and respect that you show for your readers by communicating with them. 
My Facit: first work then public. Always make sure you keep your high quality!

P.s. Looking how other, established arist do it, i found some ofthem  post exactely the same picture on aaaaall platforms. I didnt think about it deeper and followed their example. But they posted finished work, or pretty things, and moreover were consistent in quality, as well as consistent in the use of the platforms. I changed what i post, why i post and where i post. 

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