Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The start of art or the other way around?

So, here I am full of energy and unbreakable motivation! The creativity is engaged and I am drawing and painting and ready to show my work ... to show my work, well, yes, I would like to, but where?

Not that it would not be obvious what type of service I want, clearly, I'd love to show my pictures and I'd love to blog, but surfing the terms of service and conditions, trying to understand what all the legal conditions and statements mean, turned out to be a long stumble and fumble through various social media sites and the sad remains of a the world wide web, now suffocated by a handful of megalomaniac data-Kraken (octopus). Slowly I started realising, that it is more me providing a service to them, by shovelling tons of bytes of pictures and other content into their hands, rather then they providing a service for me...  But, let's face it - I knew it all the way a long, and whats the point of becoming paranoid about it (might as well be the biggest kraken then :D )!

I am dying to blog about my progress and my art and so, to cut the story short, here is the start of my art blog!

The page will get a new refurbishment as soon as I get familiar with the handling. The design will be adapted, and a couple of pictures will come soon

I hope you enjoy :-)

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