Saturday, 14 February 2015

preparing to promote work online

So, I am planing to make an online protofolio and was thinking about how to organise my pictures most effectively and securely.

I have an account on Deviantart since, which I used privately so far to post drawings, doodles and sketches that I thought were worth sharing. Now, I will try to use it more professionally in order to build up a first online protofolio. I believe that it is a good platform to promote my work. Deviantart has a big community where hobbies as well as professional artist come together.

However, I am concerned whether people will share my pictures without crediting me (can happen, without mean intentions!), what if my uploaded pictures gets copied, distributed or worse. The easiest fix would be to set a little name tag on it... at least I think so. The picture below (see a) shows how it would look like with a little copy sign. Is it ugly? Does it upset people? Why do I even ask this myself? :D

Another good thing about posting the art first on Deviantart is that they provide a nice embedding code, that I would like to use in future for the blog. There is also a possibility to just link Link to snowdrop

Then, I also created a Facebook page, which I think is a big bonus and big danger for sharing stuff (there are always two sides of a medal). Of course, I should not forget the other social media... but, I think I am a really small fish, so I'd like to keep simple step by step :)

Snowdrop by jezymania on DeviantArt

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