Sunday, 16 September 2018

postmortem INKtober 2017


For the last years INKtober I set myself a goal to spontaneously paint whatever, as long as it fits in a 2cm by 2cm box. It didn't even had to be the same topic or style, and could be characters, objects or just patterns. The year before I had a strict list what to paint everyday, and it involved a lot of research for each picture. You can read about it in this blog (see link below).

So last year, it went well to start with, but after about two weeks it became more difficult to come up with something, as I didn't had an aim. Soon house work and baby took over and pictures were pushed to the next day, and promises to finish two in a day if I missed the day started degrading the morality of continuing.

However, it wasn't a waste at all. Just another trial to complete this challenge. You can clearly see what my favorite topic was :-) My little daughter and all her adventures. And this brings me to make this years topic. It's going to be all about toddler and their daily business.

What I will do different compared to the two years before is, that I will make a list, but of things I can probably paint in half n hour without having to research a lot. I will have an overall topic and I have a plan on publishing it either as cards or color-in pages.

What is INKtober?

Keywords you need to know:

Jake Parker, illustrator and cartoonist, and a business genius. He is dedicated, diligent, and the most disciplined artist I have seen in online media
An ink painting a day, means to get into a habit of painting each day. This improves skills through daily training and set your mindset into taking art as something that you can work on and not something just for talented people.
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How it went for me in INKtober 2016

I was determined to complete at least half the list, but I delivered only one weeks worth of pictures over a period of two weeks. The problem was ... read more here

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